Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Needs more horn

This weekend I went to the auto show in Seattle. I didn't have my camera, so no pics of cars. It was nice to have just about every type of car at one place - with no sales people to hassle you.

One thing that I noticed on the way home from Seattle was a blue (with silver or white racing stripes) Ford Shelby GT. At least I'm pretty sure what it was, the Ford website doesn't have the right shade of blue listed, but I'd be able to ID it if I saw it. The Washington license plate "IMSWIFT" makes it pretty easy to recognize.

Well, between him and the 'buddy' he met on the interstate, driving a black car like a Lancer Evo, are a pair of retards. I don't give a crap if you want to rev your engine, good for you, fine, whatever. But actually racing on the busy interstate is a no go.

Worse than just racing, they were slowing down to 35-40 MPH, blocking traffic (which was really fun when there was a lane trying to merge), before launching in to a sprint.

I wish my horn had a 'toggle' mode so I could just hit the button and have it continue to make noise until I hit it again.

I was really surprised when I finally got up next to the Ford driver and discovered it wasn't some punk who took daddy's car out for a spin, but was actually some old white dude.

Old white dude, you're on notice! Endanger me while I'm driving home like that again, and I'll call 911 on your ass.

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