Sunday, October 28, 2007

And that was that

So, I made a blog post the other day when my Xbox 360 returned from its RRoD service in Texas. That, unfortunately, was really just part 1 of a 2 part tale of despair.

Those of you who saw my Live Messenger / MSN Instant Messenger / WTFMsgr name on Friday should easily guess what the second part of the story consists of.

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death.

Yea, the one that I just got back from the 'repair' center.

30 minutes. That is how much play time I got out of my 'repaired' Xbox 360. I plugged it in when I first got it, it seemed to work, I queued up a couple downloads and went to work. I returned from work and it was powered off (correctly, I use the defered shutdown for download features). I fired it back up, played Portal for awhile, paused it, went to get some food and... it was dead.

It wasn't a fluke or a misplugged cable either. I reseated the AV connector and the power connector, turned it on and played a Live Arcade game for about 5 minutes before it went RRoD on me again.

My next 360 coffin should arrive in a week.

After realizing that there was something really screwed up with the original 360s, how the hell does a freshly-repaired one break in a couple hours?

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DogKiller said...

buy a PS3! ;-)
it will help the stock price because we don't lose money when you buy those!