Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some pictures

I spent the day taking pictures of a cluster down in Tukwila. Getting their seriously sucked, the directions failed when half the local roads were closed for construction and their were no detours. It took 15 to 20 minutes to find the damn facility becuase of all the construction! The roads don't make a nice grid down there, rather they are all going at different angles, some turn in to highways, some curve around, basically not the kind of roads that make it easy to make your own detour if you've never been to your destination before. I saw several other cars driving back and forth over that period too, so clearly I wasn't the only person lost. Once I process the pictures I'll post a few of them, but mostly they are for promotional material at work.

For making it past the jump, you get a special treat. By popular demand (okay, only 2 people asked, but since I only have 4 people reading my blog that is a huge request!) more Lucy.
Alas, I did not take these pictures on my own.

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