Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kung Fu Panda

The title says it all... There is a movie about a panda that learns Kung Fu.

The panda is Jack Black.
Jack Black in Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny

I don't understand why you aren't already trying to pre-order this.

Jackie Chan is the Kung Fu master.
Mr. Jackie Chan!

Why are you still reading this instead of searching the internet for it?

Angelina Jolie is the tiger.
Hot and Crazy Angelina Jolie

I don't see this on your Amazon Wish List yet.

Lucy Liu is the snake.
Mysterious Lucy Liu, who is not the same person as Lisa Ling

Why are you still here?

Here is the plot description from the IMDb:
A CG-animated comedy about a lazy, irreverent slacker panda, Po (Voiced by Jack Black), who must somehow become a Kung Fu Master in order to save the Valley of Peace from a villainous snow leopard, Tai Lung. Set in the legendary world of ancient China, this is the story of Po, our unlikely hero, who enters the rigid world of Kung Fu and turning it upside down. Po ultimately becomes a Kung Fu hero by learning that if he believes in himself, he can do anything.


DogKiller said...

find me more hot pictures of Lucy Liu

Don Pattee said...

This is a request I can handle