Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What looks like a salad, but is not?

Question: What looks like a salad, costs the same price as a salad, is in the salad section, but is not a salad?
Answer: Whatever the hell this is that I bought for lunch.

Through the package you couldn't tell that this wasn't really a salad. The plastic lids on the pre-made salads available in our cafeteria are often fogged from condensation/etc. It was placed with all the rest of the salads, it was in the same container as a salad, and it cost $5.99 like the other salads. Looks decent enough from afar. Didn't seem like a risk.

So, I bought what I thought was a salad that had tomato cubes, shreded cheese, crumbled bacon, crumbled egg, cubes of turkey, and chunks of blue cheese (which I was planning on pushing off, I only really like blue cheese dressing with spicy stuff, not a fan of it 'raw').

The pictures below show the truth. They are taken with my camera phone so they aren't very good, but you'll get the point.

First, the Reality of The Cheese. What should have been yummy shredded cheese was actually some sort of tasteless slimy mess. I have no idea what it is. Three people polled were also at a loss. Yes, it was as 'moist' as the picture makes it look. (note: the blue tint was due to my cameraphone not dealing with white LED light).

On one side of the "cheese" the cubed tomatoes were living. I saw 'living' and I mean it. Upon closer inspection it was not so much 'cubed tomatoes' as it was a 'semi-gelatinous tomato-based entity'.

Another thing that the fogged cover hid was that the yellow crumbled egg yolks were not evenly yellow. There were some sections that were bright yellow, but there were also some real tasty looking brown areas. This picture doesn't really work very well - oh and the liquid isn't some weird decompsed egg, it was the oil/vinegar salad dressing.

I didn't take a picture of the 'bacon'. I was tired of having this 'food' in my office. The picture would not have revealed that the crumbled bacon was actually made out of fetid weasel meat.

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DogKiller said...

that is nasty. I'm glad I have the stomach flu, at least I don't have an appetite to lose!