Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New toy...

Quick post. I do have things to bitch about, but I hurt my hand and it is hard to type today.

I am now the proud owner of excessive toolage. A DeWalt D55168 15-gallon 200 PSI electric air compressor lives in my garage. Putting out 5.4 SCFM ('standard' cubic feet per minute, which apparently is different than just a 'non-standard' CFM) at 100 PSI it is twice as powerful as some of the other compressors in this physical size range (<4ft tall, and <2ft wide)

The 78 dB rating puts it in the OSHA 'full day' safety category (well it puts it outside of what OSHA restricts technically), about twice as loud as normal conversation but not as loud as a telephone ringer. Those 78dB also makes it almost half as quiet as the other units that were available. (most of which were at 85dB, and a 10dB change is a perceptual doubling)

The downside is that it was more expensive than the other options. The other options also came with hoses, and in some cases tools. But, it a generator can come with a hose and a set of 6 tools for less than the price of this generator (and not much more than a seperately purchased nail gun) it is probably junk that is just going to break down that I don't want to be involved with.

(oh, and yea I know the gamercard display is currently 'broken'. Xbox Live service is down for maintenance 3/27/07 per Major Nelson)

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