Sunday, April 25, 2010

First aid kits

I have a couple of different first aid kits that have been bought pre-made or custom assembled. Having a first aid kit (and being prepared for an emergency) is serious business - it is sad to think that a little $10 pre-packaged kit is more than 90% of people have in their car.

Our two cars always have standard hiking kits. These are Adventure Medical Kits brand 'Ultralight .5' pre-made packages which cost ~$15. The '.5' version is rated for 1 person on a 1 to 2 day trip, so pretty basic. It contains:

  • Antibiotic ointment, topical adhesive
  • Alcohol swabs, Anethestic/antiseptic wipes
  • Bug bite wipes
  • Antihistamine, Aspirin, Ibuprofen
  • Tweezers
  • A sheet of pre-cut moleskin
  • A small selection of bandages, gauze, and tape
I've supplemented them each with a bag of water and an energy bar.

Then for my Jeep I put together a slightly more comprehensive kit using the Smittybuilt First Aid Bag (link is to Quadratech which has an accurate picture, the pic on Smittybilt's website is not right). This bag has a velcro mounting panel that straps to the roll bar, and a plastic buckle strap to help secure it. So I always know where the bag is, and if I need it I can rip it off the velcro and take it wherever. Jeep-First-Aid-0710 Jeep-First-Aid-0712Jeep-First-Aid-0713

I've stuffed it pretty close to max capacity with:
  • Adventure Medical Suture/Syringe kit (several needles, suture, syringe, not what I wanted but will do for now)
  • Various sizes of gauze, self-adhesive wraps, and tape
  • Various band-aids, and pre-cut moleskin
  • Cleaning items - irrigation syringe, q-tips, alcohol wipes, antiseptic wipes
  • Bug bite wipes (anti-itch + antiseptic)
  • Some headache, alergy, diarhea, heartburn medicines, eye drops
  • Carmex lip balm (normal sticks can melt and make a mess, this stuff can also help sooth minor burns and itches)
  • Duct tape, whistle, pins, safety/bandage shears, tweezers, thermometer w/ tip covers
  • Gloves, single-use CPR shield (in the littly black pouch near the thermometer)
  • A bag of water, some M&Ms, and an energy bar
  • Instant cold & instant hot packs, not pictured, I need to rearrange how I packed the bag these didn't fit
  • Snake bite sucker - mine was cracked, need to get a new one
Note: The cat and fur mouse are not normally part of this kit!

And for camping trips / disaster mode I'm going to be piecing together a massive kit. Right now all I have is the case, I expect it will take a few months to figure out (and afford) exactly what I want in it. It is an orange Pelican 1550-EMS (1550 size plus special dividers and multi-level lid organizer with pockets for tools and pills) to which I have added (front & back) Star of Life decal and letters to spell out 'FIRST AID'.

Until that is completed my home first aid kid is random medicines in the pantry, random cleaning items in the bathroom, and an old commercial lunchbox-size first aid kit in the garage.


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