Monday, August 3, 2009

Weather Now v2.4 Released (Davis Vantage Pro software)

I've done a pretty horrible job at updating my blog, but I have updated some software at least.

Weather Now has been updated to version 2.4.

Weather Now v2.4 is now available through either the local 'Downloads' section on or via

The three main new features are:
Twitter support - You can now tweet the current weather conditions, the forecast, or a combination of them. An update will only be sent if the content has changed. In order of 'tweetiness' the options are:

Both - During every update cycle (i.e. 15 minutes or whatever you picked) both the forecast and current conditions will be tweeted, as two separate tweets. Since even a single degree difference is a change the current conditions tweets go out almost every time. Since the forecast doesn't change as frequently you won't get quite as many of those.
Current Conditions - Again, since the temperature or pressure can change rapidly you'll get a new tweet almost every time.
Alternate - Every update cycle either the forecast or conditions will be posted, alternating each time. This almost cuts the tweet frequency in half, since the current conditions only get posted every other time, and the forecast may skip its turn if nothing changed.
Forecast - The least number of tweets come from picking to post only the forecast. It can be hours, or even days, between when the forecast changes depending on the conditions.

Roku SoundBridge support - If you have access to a Roku SoundBridge you can have the conditions sent to the display. SoundBridges make unique scrolling displays in your business, garage, kitchen, or wherever.

Low battery alerts from any of your wireless sensors are now displayed in the Extended Monitor. The low battery alerts can be a little 'funny', sometimes taking over a day to reset after you change the battery, and sometimes throwing a false alarm, so use them as a piece of information not a 100% sure-bet. (a misconfigured sensor can throw false alarms, and putting the console in 'battery change mode' for a few minutes can help reset stuck alerts)

The release also includes some other minor changes to the interface, and some bug fixes & enhancements in the code. Version history is available at

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DogKiller said...

wow, auto-tweeting weather data, what a great use of technology!