Saturday, September 27, 2008

First 3 Vette 'mods'

I hesitate to call these 'mods' since they are so trivial, but typing that is easier than typing 'replacement parts, add-ons, modifications, and after-market accessories' every time. Couple pics and links to purchase some black chrome air conditioner control knobs, the black out stickers for the lame painted-on visor safety warnings, and a nifty product that lets you drive topless without fear.

These were a couple of the things that I purchased after I had ordered my Vette but before it had even come in. Some simple upgrades that didn't cost a bunch of money.
First is a set of 'black chrome' knobs for the air conditioner. These replacement knobs were created by Custom Corvette Accessories as part of the original venture in to the 'black chrome' business. It was around $60 for two knobs, but they do look nice. In this picture you can see the new knobs on the A/C controls compared with the old plastic ones on the radio. They sell 3 sets of knobs (A/C, standard radio, navigation radio) though I just bought the A/C ones since I plan on replacing the stock radio in the near future.

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