Saturday, July 21, 2007

Seattle Lighting

I am not going to be able to give a positive review of Seattle Lighting.

On June 28, I gave these yahoos a couple hundreds bucks to order me a light, to be shipped to the Bellevue, Washington store. Several hours later I received a call on my cell phone with the sales person confirming that the warehouse had it in stock, so all was well. I was assured that even though the standard line for orders was 'several weeks' I would have no problem getting the fixture quickly, with plenty of time to install it prior to a July 24 deadline that I repeated several times.


Today is July 21st, only 3 days from the deadline (and even though the store is open on Sunday I really doubt they get shipments on Sunday), and still no news on my fixture. So, I called at 1:30, basically assuming that they forgot to call me when it arrived and that they'd say 'oh, sorry, it is here come on down at your convenience.'

It was not there. The girl I was talking to on the phone could not tell me what was going on with it, so forwarded me to a sales person's voicemail, as the sales person was currently working with a customer. Note the following from their website: (emphasis mine)
Our Customer Service representatives are specially trained to answer technical questions or to track your order. With over 100 years of collective lighting experience and direct access to all our manufacturers, they're your best source for answers to any lighting question you may have.

By 3:45 I hadn't received a return call. Two hours and 15 minutes should be more than enough time for one of the sales people to finish up with whatever customer they were working with - buying lamps and ceiling fans is not rocket science. So, I called back. This time, rather than putting me through to someone's voicemail the girl that answered wrote my name and number down.

Since it is now 4:50 you would think that I would have gotten a call back, since, again, selling someone a ceiling fan is not rocket science. If you guessed that I had received a call, you would be wrong. I guess I'm going to just have to go down there in person tomorrow.

I'd really prefer to not have a bare lightbulb hanging from bare wires in my office.

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