Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'd buy a Porsche, but I already have a toaster oven...

I don't have the energy to bitch about anything today, the jerk who kept pestering me last night sapped my energy (hey, dumbass I was polite and told you where to look for help because I didn't know the answer, stop asking me to answer your question over and over, and stop flipping out that I can't)

So, instead you get a link to something that is kinda cool:
A Porsche designed toaster that would look sweet in a clean kitchen with other stainless appliances...

Porsche toaster and also a Porsche coffee pot

Someone get a muzzle, quick!

I was ready to write a post about how I waited 2 weeks and MS stock got back to normal, and then spend the rest of it ranting about more dumbasses who take their stupid dog in to stores, ignoring the 'No Dogs Allowed' sign like the dancing frog tat they got when they were drunk and stoned on spring break.

But, alas... not only did the stock continue to go down on its own, but someone forgot to give Ballmer his medicine before a a recent speech.

The stock had fallen from the mid-Jan $31.20 to 29.47 on its own (thats -$1.73, or around 5.5%). Then Ballmer decided that the best thing to do would be go tell people that all the jumping around he did a few weeks back (re:selling 5x more copies then XP, revitalizing the PC market, blah blah blah) was... wrong. He decided that what he really wanted to tell people was that all the hype was unfounded, that sales forecasts showed low volume, and other dire industry news. After that lovely speech on teh 15th, the stock opened at 28.88.

Will someone please get that guy a muzzle so I can go rant about important things, like the waitress who I had to follow to the kitchen at Red Robin because she didn't get the point that me standing up next to my table for 5 minutes and raising my hand meant that I needed assistance...